Cows Don’t Go to School: Keep Taxes Low Through Farmland Preservation


Cows don't go to school



Cows don’t go to school.

Have you noticed that after farmland is converted to residential developments you end up paying more in taxes for new schools to be built?

Have you wondered why we don’t seem to be doing a better job in the Lehigh Valley of protecting the open vistas that are a part of our heritage and that so many believe are a part of our identity?

The loss of farmland represents the biggest challenge facing the region as it is one of the fastest developing areas in the country. In the past ten years, the region lost 26,785 acres of farmland.

If you are a Republican who resides in Lehigh County, TONIGHT you have a unique opportunity to ask some questions about the future of farmland preservation in Lehigh County.

From 6-8pm, tonight, May 4th, you can ask questions about farmland preservation to all five candidates at the Lehigh County GOP hosted candidates night at the Scottish Rite in Allentown.

Monday, May 4th, 2015
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Lehigh County Republican Committee HQ
Scottish Rite Center
1544 Hamilton Street
Allentown, Pa 18102

All 5 candidates for commissioner are confirmed!

Lehigh County needs a county commission who supports funding farmland preservation!

Find out where the candidates stand on this vital issue.

RenewLV, is the smart growth, regional collaboration advocacy organization for the Lehigh Valley.

Our mission is:

“To promote smart growth and efficient governance in the Lehigh Valley in order to revitalize its core communities, preserve open space, and create an economically and environmentally sustainable foundation for the region’s future growth.”

As related to farmland preservation, we believe that one of the most critical issues is to fully fund the County farmland preservation program.

Did you know that farmland preservation is an investment that pays dividends? Historically, Lehigh County has received $2.50 in Commonwealth funding for every $1 of County funds invested for farmland preservation.

It’s well documented that smart growth and farmland preservation save taxpayer money.

Please join us tonight at the Scottish Rite in Allentown and find out the answers to these and related questions:

1. Do you believe that the preservation of farmland an important function of county government?

2. If elected, will you support the continued allocation of Lehigh County funds for farmland preservation?

3. Would you support the restoration of farmland preservation funding to $2 million annually?

4. Should Lehigh County townships provide funding to assist in the preservation of farmland within their communities?

If you are Facebook-savvy and want to let them know you are coming, here’s a link to the Facebook invitation to tonight.

Warm regards,

Joyce Marin, Executive Director


P.S.  No matter where you live in PA, mark your calendars for the Primary election on Tuesday, May 19th.  “All of the action happens in the Primary.”

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At the Summit, we asked the questions:

•How can we preserve open space while supporting job creation and economic development?

•How does a municipality strike a balance between paying its bills, preserving its individual appeal and supporting the local economy?

•Given the increasing market demand for locally grown and organic food, how can the region better grow a vibrant local food economy?

•How do we capitalize on our central location through an interconnected mass transit system rather than continuing to focus on widening our highways?

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